This is one epic buffalo Halloween costume

My Halloween philosophy: This is your one annual chance to wander around like a total weirdo, undenounced, so you better make it good! The pressure! What to be?! What to be?! And are there enough glue sticks in the world to accomplish it?

Every year I go into a complete frenzy, wracking my brain, trying to figure out what my Halloween destiny is. I flip through a myriad of ideas in my head and dismiss nearly every one. But this year was different: I was quickly wooed by a new local business, Buffalo Mane, an eccentric little barbershop tucked away into a nook in the city. On Instagram I came across a photo of the owner and her family nestled beneath a glorious buffalo head that adorned the wall of the shop. And there it was: I shall be a buffalo!

I love a homemade costume. I think they’re the most charming and the most fun (my husband begs to differ). Before I set out to create the costume, I sketched out my vision. This year I would need to acquire several different supplies…and some new skills. Say, for instance, all the skills needed to create giant, fake taxidermy.

I wrangled up a paper mache master and began the task of building the form of the head. Lots of cardboard, lots of masking tape, and a truckload of newspaper later, I had built the basic structure. Then, I shaped and added the horns and snout. As soon as all the parts were assembled, the next step was painting the form and finessing the horns.

Next I raided the faux-fur aisle of my local craft store. Beware: that experience in itself will make you want to go home and drink. I bought three different textures of fur for the different areas of the head. I acquired two large black marbles for eyes and long faux eyelashes. I then went all Edward Scissorhands in my house—faux-fur fabric flying everywhere. And one day later, a buffalo was born.

The next morning did I emerge from the dining room wearing a buffalo head to freak out my toddler? Maybe. Probably.

The real work was complete and one giant buffalo head was ready to hit the town. But she needed a body. As for styling, I knew I wanted to juxtapose the primitive feel of the head with a dainty ensemble. So, just like in the illustration, I rounded up a dress that invoked a nostalgic, wallpaper-y feel.

Then we took this crazy Buffalo lady to the place where her conception had originated, beneath the regal buffalo of Buffalo Mane. And that is what’s so great about this time of year: When a Buffalo lady walks in to a barbershop, she is greeted with open arms. Because Halloween is a magical, magical season.



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  1. 10.30.14 | Reply
    susan wrote:

    Love it Tuesday S!

  2. 10.1.16 | Reply
    Becca wrote:

    I love this! Did you use a balloon for the form, or did you just stick to cardboard?