DIY: Beautify your fall with painted feathers

From summer piñatas to DIY advent calendars to artist Easter baskets, Em B. is so good at getting into the spirit of a season. Lucky for us, this Hallmark designer is ready with a so-on-trend tribute to fall. Grab your PSL (or don’t) and get ready.

DIY Painted Feathers |

As fall kicks in and everything turns pumpkin flavored, it’s always fun to give the home a little fall flair. I’m always on the search for a new “something” that feels a little more unique.

What did I find this fall? Painted feathers! Feathers are very affordable and can be found at most craft stores. With a little paint and time, feathers can become one-of-a-kind little pieces of art for your home. And painting feathers is also a fun project to do with some friends.

It’s easier than you think, and faster than it looks!

DIY painted feather art |

What you’ll need:

  • Feathers—any size, any color. (Neutrals are always a nice place to start.)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Metallic paint markers (optional)

DIY painted feather art | thinkmakeshareblog.comDIY painted feather art |

What to do: 

Paint those feathers! Let your imagination guide you.

Tip: For a watercolor effect, add water to the paint. The thinned-out paint will spread over the feather easily. It’s great way to create a base color or to let the natural feather patterns show through.

DIY painted feather art |

DIY painted feather art |

What you can do with you newly painted feathers:

  • Use them as place settings on your table
  • Place them in old bottles for shelf or accent table décor
  • Attach them to invites for a dinner party
  • Add them to your floral centerpiece

DIY painted feather art | thinkmakeshareblog.comDIY painted feather art |

Photography by Jake Johnson.

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