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Ringling College of Art & Design student Sara Bicknell spent the summer interning with our Trends Studio and the Signature cards team. We’ve loved having this Florida native and her super skills around! Today Sara is giving us back to school care package ideas, both from the perspective of a student and as as an care-package-sending sister herself!

My family began sending me care packages when I started college, and I still remember the first one I ever got. My sisters gave me a pencil case that I still use today, and Mom included my favorite snacks, Grandma sent a bag stuffed with homemade cookies, and Grandpa included an envelope full of photos that were immediately taped up on my wall. I even got a “signed” card from my cat. As a homesick freshman, the back to school care package made my week, and it was a great reminder that even though I was far away, I was still loved and cared about.

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My youngest sister is starting high school this year, and she’s super nervous about it. Her friends are going to different schools and she just got braces, on top of all of the other typical high school worries: Will people like me? What if I get a monster zit? What if my teacher is an actual monster?!

I’m pretty bummed that I can’t be there for her first week, and I wanted to do more than just send a “good luck” text. I remembered how much my first back to school care package meant to me, so I decided to make one for her.

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I tend to go all out with wrapping because I think it’s a fun and easy way to give things a personal touch. Because I couldn’t do much to the outside of the box, I focused on sprucing up the inside. I learned how to make and use paper attachments while working on the Signature team this summer. So I made some school-related attachments for the flaps, lined the inside of the box with tissue paper, and topped it with this fun encouragement card from Studio Ink.

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I found everything I needed to make up the package at a Gold Crown store. I started out by picking out things that she could use on the first day of school. Lynn Giunta is one of the super-talented artists I got to meet this summer, and I love this “Dream” journal from her new collection. I also snagged some matching pencils, these adorable treat erasers and bunny paper clips.

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I wanted to include some not-so-school-related things too. As soon as I saw this Studio Ink pouch, I knew it was perfect for her and her quirky sense of humor. Food or candy are must-include items in any care package, because who doesn’t like a tasty treat? To finish it off, some essentials: chapstick, tissues and bobby pins.

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